Knitting From Stash: Size Adjustments

We talked about knitting from stash and about suitable shawl shapes for this purpose already, now let’s move on to size adjustments. How do you resize a shawl knitting pattern if you only have limited yarn supply?

Resizing shawls can be trivial or a piece of art, depending on the shape and the pattern. For shawl shapes suitable for knitting from stash, it’s a piece of cake.

Just knit until you have just enough yarn left for binding off, that’s it.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

It is easy, believe me. As long as you don’t attempt to knit a complex Faroese shawl with lots of different lace stitch patterns, at least. (I talked about adjusting lace stitch patterns in detail in Shaping Lace.)

Size Adjustments: Basic Rules

  1. Use an adjustable shawl shape. If in doubt, work a triangle sideways.
  2. Use your kitchen scale.
  3. Work with pattern modules.
  4. Don’t be scared.

Especially 4. is very important. You can do it!

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