13 Ways to Add More Time for Knitting to the Day

The most common answer to my survey of what you are struggling most with in knitting:

“I wish I had more time for knitting.”

A twenty five hour day isn’t coming any time soon. As long as your feet stay planted on earth, twenty four is all you’re going to get. However, with a bit of skill you can squeeze out a couple more hours to add to your day – which means more knitting time for you!

Here’s how.

Step One: The Big Time Eaters

  1. Television. This is a really good starting point if you need more time. If you can’t completely eliminate it, cut it down to only the key shows you enjoy viewing or news you need to hear. Otherwise just power-off this big time waster, or knit while watching TV.
  2. Internet. As we see a replacement of TV entertainment by the internet, it has become a big time consumer quickly. Try to go on an internet diet for a week: cut your time spent online in half. I tried it myself and although it was very hard at the beginning, it really paid off in the end and I got used to it quickly.
  3. Email. Do you really need to check your email every ten minutes? Devote some dedicated time – maybe in the morning and the afternoon – to reading and answering email. Turn off your email client in between, or you will lose your focus on each and every “you’ve got mail” notification ping sound.
  4. Games. I got totally lost in playing World of Warcraft a while ago, so I know how it is when you’re just sucked into a computer game. Cut your gaming time and use the saved time for knitting instead.
  5. Work. Cutting time spent at work is the most difficult challenge for most people. The most effective strategy is to increase productivity to get more things done in less time. If you are feeling really adventurous, read the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. If not, consider turning your daily commute into knitting time.
  6. Chores. Beyond just hiring a maid, there are ways you can reduce time from your chores: Cooking meals in advance, keeping things perpetually tidy, maintaining an organizing system to reduce the need for overhauls can all cut down your time usage. Establish habits.

Step Two: Use Gap Time

  1. Knitting. Bring your knitting project with you at all times and get a few minutes of knitting in.
  2. Problems. Solve problems in advance during gap time so you won’t waste as much time on them later.
  3. Creativity. I use gap time to come up with new knitting pattern ideas. You can use it to come up with new ideas for work or life – or your next knitting project.

Step Three: Focus

Focus on what’s important and ignore what isn’t. The easiest way to waste hours of your day is to do “work” that isn’t getting much done at all. Here are some things to think about:

  1. E-mail. Consider an auto-responder for common messages. Use concise yes or no answers for questions that don’t need a lengthy explanation.
  2. Reading. If your purpose for reading is information, learn to change your pace from a knowledge absorbing crawl up to a fast skim over unimportant details. Ignore whole chapters and focus first on the ideas that are crucial to understand, especially in textbooks.
  3. Television. If you still watch TV, tape in advance and cut the commercials. You can save up to fifteen minutes from an hour program by doing this.

Final Tip: Prioritize

The final question isn’t just of doing things faster, but of doing the right things. Constantly measure and be aware of the actual value each of your activities brings. Those that don’t add much should be simplified or eliminated entirely to focus on those that do.

Reclaim More Time For Knitting

By following at least a few of the tips above, you should be able to reclaim more time for knitting. If this article was helpful for you, make sure to let me know by leaving a comment below!

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