Shawl Shapes for Knitting From Stash

We talked about shawl knitting from stash a few days ago, and today I’m going to elaborate this topic a bit more. There is a myriad of shawl shapes out there. You might have a favorite or even more than one, but at the end of the day it boils down to the fact that some shapes are just better when it comes to knitting from stash.

Knitting from stash means knitting with a limited supply of yarn and yardage. There’s one thing we want to be absolutely sure before we even start:

We don’t want to run out of yarn in the middle of a project.

So which shawl shapes are good for knitting from stash? Let’s have a look.

Easy Shawl Shapes for Knitting from Stash

All shawl geometry is based on simple shapes: triangles, circles and rectangles. What we need when knitting from stash are adjustable shawls, which means shawls that work no matter how many pattern repeats you work.

I wrote a whole article series (and a whole book!) about adjustable shawls, so let’s make a long story short and have a look at these first.

The best triangle shawls for working from stash are triangles worked sideways and bottom-up. Here’s the whole story: Resizing Triangles (Adjustable Triangle Shawls).

Stoles are best worked from center out when your yarn supply is limited. You can read more here: Adjustable Stoles.

Half Kite shawls (more on this tomorrow) are suitable for knitting from stash as well as Austrian Crescent shawls.

Knitting From Stash: My Shawl Shape Selection

When I’m knitting from stash, my first choice is always a triangle shawl worked sideways. The Stashy Josephine is one example for such a pattern.

Friday Freebies Stashy Josephine

My second choice would be an Austrian Crescent shawl such as the Indulgent Spirit shawl.

The Indulgent Spirit shawl knitting pattern


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