Exotic Shawl Shapes: Weird But Beautiful

Welcome to the next episode of my Shawl Design for Everybody series! Today’s topic in our shawl design course are exotic shawl shapes.

S-Shaped Shawls

S-shaped shawls are best worked by using short rows. Start with short row turns on the left side, then  – in the next section – do the turns on the right side, and repeat.

An example pattern is included in Shawl Design in Plain English as well as available as standalone knitting pattern: The S Curve.

The S Curve Shawl


Leaf-like shaped shawls are achieved by increasing for a while, then decreasing again, while at the same time implementing paired increases & decreases. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? I’ll provide a pattern template (and an example shawl!) as part of the Plant Anatomy project soon. Stay tuned!


Thanks for joining my free online course on shawl design! I hope you enjoyed my posts and the series. In case you want to go into further detail with shawl design, I recommend my three volume book series on the subject: Shawl Design in Plain English.

Happy knitting,

Love from Julia Riede

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