Hello, Happy Unicorn!

I’m very happy to present the Happy Unicorn release (the second shawl knitting pattern from the Unicorn Knits project): The Happy Unicorn shawl. It’s probably the biggest shawl you’ve ever seen – using only three skeins of fingering weight yarn! Really, it’s HUGE.

Happy Unicorn is an adjustable Faroese shawl worked sideways on a garter stitch base featuring easy lace stitch patterns. Working with Andromeda makes any unicorn out there happy – promise!

The most basic and easiest Faroese shawl you can possibly knit is this one – use any yarn, any gauge, any yardage you like. Its size is completely adjustable.

The Faroese shape is achieved by combining two vortex mirror images, not by traditional shaping – it is worked sideways! This pattern is perfectly suited for showing off the beauty of hand dyed yarns without fears of running out of yarn before finishing.

Rapture Unicorn Shawl Knitting Pattern Release

The pattern is available both in the shop and on Ravelry. (The code below is valid for both.)

Use the coupon code “jriededec17” (without the quotes) to get a 30% discount on this new pattern (and all my other patterns & books!) until December 31th, 2017.


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