Shawl Design in Plain English 2017: The 3rd Edition

It’s been five years since the first edition of Shawl Design in Plain English has been published back in 2012. Since then, shawl design – and shawl knitting in general – has seen quite an evolution.

Back in 2012, crescent shawls were brand new. No one had heard of cornucopia (vortex) shawls yet, and shapes were limited to rectangles, circles and triangles.

Lots has changed since then: We watched new construction methods evolve, new shapes being introduced; and new, modern ways of knitting and wearing shawls pop up all over.

Shawl Design in Plain English has been your constant companion ever since.

From its beginnings with the first edition published in spring 2012, which I consider to be rather embarrassing by now, the books have seen a lot of evolution too. What you are seeing today is the third edition of this masterpiece in shawl design: completely revised, edited and updated to fit today’s standards and needs of a modern shawl knitter.

Shawl Design in Plain English 2017

Shawl Design in Plain English (3rd edition): Advanced Shawl Shapes

Shawl Design in Plain English 2017

The third edition of Shawl Design in Plain English comes in three parts:

Shawl shapes and techniques covered in the second part:

  • Circular shawls (All variants)
  • Crescent shawls
  • Faroese shawls

The book includes detailed instructions on how to design your own shawl patterns, calculations and construction methods for each shape, pattern templates (recipes) and seven example patterns.


Shawl Design in Plain English, 3rd edition_ Basic Shawl Shapes - included patterns

The second part of Shawl Design in Plain English includes not only instructions and pattern templates, but also seven example patterns:

  • Hug Me
  • Phoebe
  • Priscilla
  • Redwing
  • Raglan Faroese
  • Aegean Sea
  • Elisabeth

Each pattern costs between $5 and $7 when purchased as single pattern, so you’re saving more than $25 when you’re just interested in the included knitting patterns alone – not to mention the main focus of the book, shawl design alone!

Thank You!

As a way of saying thanks I’d like to say thank you for being a member of my mailing list, Shawl Design in Plain English (3rd edition): Advanced Shawl Shapes is 30% off using the coupon code “sdipe3v2yay” (without the quotes) in both the shop and Ravelry until March 26th, 2017.

The Kindle and paperback versions are in publishing, and you’ll receive separate notifications as soon as it is available.

Have a very nice rest of the day, and happy shawl knitting!

Yours truly,
Julia <3


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