Lace Shaping: Adapting Stitch Patterns to Fit Any Shawl Shape

Shawl Design in Plain English, Vol. 4

Release date: Oct. 22nd, 2016

Lace Shaping Book

Adapting stitch patterns to shawl shapes of all kinds is one of the most frequently asked questions on my blog and my online courses.

Is it possible to alter a stitch pattern to fit any shape?

“How can I make nice looking increases and decreases in different stitch patterns?”

“How do I adjust a lace stitch pattern for repeats?”

It’s all about shaping! As soon as you choose a shawl shape and a construction method, any pattern – may it be lace, colorwork, cables or whatever – can be included in your shawl design.

Yes, any pattern. And yes, any shawl shape and construction method! Lace Shaping is unveiling the principles of how to fit any stitch pattern into any shawl shape.