Shawl Design for Everybody

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a shawl designer?

You are not alone. Lots of shawl knitters dream of a design career, and about making a living from their knitting pattern designs. As somebody who achieved this – yes, I’m making a living from knitting – I’m telling you exactly what it takes to become a successful shawl designer.

Shawl Design for Everybody is your free shawl design online resource covering every shawl shape you can possibly think of – including pattern templates, calculation how-tos, and tips for creating better shawl knitting patterns.

This free tutorial on shawl design starts with the nuts and bolts of every design: Planning ahead. This means swatching, choosing yarn and needles, selecting a suitable shawl shape and the basics of calculations related to shawl design. We move on by diving deep into all shawl shapes and how they can be constructed.

Please note: This article is in the process of being updated starting in January 2019. Updates will be finished by March 2019. Thank you for your understanding! 

Shawl Design for Every Shawl Shape You Can Possibly Think Of

The picture below provides an overview about the shawl shapes covered in this free online course. Here’s a PDF version for download: Shawl Shapes 2019.

Shawl Shapes 2019

Shawl Design for Everybody: Table Of Contents

Shawl Design Basics

Square Shawl Shapes

Triangle Shawl Shapes

Circles, Circle Parts & Crescents

Stars and Polygon Shawl Shapes

Faroese Shawls and Winged Triangles

Innovative Shawl Shapes


By the way…

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