Shawl Design in Plain English 2019: The Complete Series

I’m more than happy to announce the release of the fourth edition of my book Shawl Design in Plain English 2019: The Complete Collection which has gone live a few days ago. (Read on for a coupon code!)

Are you tired of following patterns in shawl knitting and want to create your own? If your answer is yes, this book is for you!

Designing shawls is something every knitter can do. There’s no magic involved, no need to be a math genius and no secret ingredients.

Shawl Design in Plain English teaches you how to create your own patterns for all thinkable shawl shapes by unveiling the principles of how to turn your ideas into written instructions for shawl patterns.

Get the book

Use the coupon code “hellomay” (without the quotes) to get 30% off until May 31, 2019

Get the book

The fourth edition (2019) of Shawl Design in Plain English includes all three volumes of Shawl Design in Plain English and all 18 example patterns of all three volumes.

You can get the book here in the shop or on Ravelry. The coupon code is valid on both sites.

Happy knitting!

Julia <3

One thought on “Shawl Design in Plain English 2019: The Complete Series

  • Erdeena Hall

    I start making a triangle. I have premier yarn D.I.Y. Gradient yarn. 5 different colors 360 yd/ 330 m* 7oz / 200 g total. I have two boxes. I was knitting until I run out of yarn. I will see what size it will be when it’s finished. I’m knit kfb at each end on the knit side ( right side) and purl each stitch (wrong side).


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