Need Support? Meet Our New Helpdesk (And the Story Behind)

To make a long story short: Steve, the one who had been in charge of support here on, died last autumn. With him the first version of our helpdesk (also known as support for knitting today) unfortunately died, too. But as life goes on – it has to – I’m happy to announce we got a new concept for our support  hopefully as good as the one we had before.

Do you need support? Please send an email to support at and we’ll be happy to help.

Back in the old days, when I had only ten or so patterns published support wasn’t a big deal. Once every few months I got an email asking for help, and keeping track was easy. With so few emails it was just writing an answer and hitting the “send” button. But then the business took off, many new patterns and books were added and naturally the amount of support inquiries grew, too. Keeping track became harder and harder.

First Version: Steve

At this point (back in 2017) I asked Steve to help me and filter out the support emails from the ones popping in for different purposes. It went okay but I still was not completely happy with the solution. Still I had troubles sometimes keeping track of which ones were answered and the issue solved, and the ones who still needed attention or required action (like updating a pattern).

In 2018 I started thinking about using an issue tracking system to keep track of support. But as Steve managed well to alert me when important issues popped up in the support email account I put it aside and focus on other things (like knitting).

Then Steve died very suddenly. And I lost track – not only of support issues, but of my whole life. I needed a while to get back to life, knitting, and back to running a small business.

We Now Have an Issue Tracking System

Since two days we have a running issue tracking system at All emails sent to support at are automatically routed into the system. Keeping track is now easy for me, I am feeling so much relief since I’m using it. Staying organised? No problem. Keeping track? Yes, I am!

Do you need support? Please send an email to support at and we’ll be happy to help in a timely manner.

All unanswered support emails have been imported to the system and I’m now working my way through them. Hopefully I’ll catch up with everybody until Sunday. I’m looking forward to it!

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