Shaping Lace: Adapting Stitch Patterns to Specific Shawl Shapes

There’s no limits in using lace or color patterns in whatever shawl shape you choose. We can design shawls with stitch patterns in any shape! Yes, even for crescent shawls. And for vortices, swirls, Faroese shawls and so on – not only for triangles and stoles. Promise.

Are there basic rules for making knit shawl stitch patterns fit different shawl shapes? And if yes, how does it all work?

This book teaches you how to do it.

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Shaping Lace Book

The number one question people ask about shawl design is how to adapt stitch patterns to fit certain shawl shapes, especially for lace stitch patterns.

Different shawl shapes need different stitch patterns – a rectangular chart will not do the job for a triangle shawl, for instance.

Shaping Lace: Contents

The book starts with detailed information about reading and creating charts and continues with discussing adapting stitch patterns for specific shawl shapes:

  • Square shawls and stoles
  • Triangles
  • Circles and related shapes
  • Crescent shawls
  • Cornucopia (vortex) shawls
  • Faroese shawls, and
  • Other shawl shapes.

The book provides chart templates for all shawl shapes discussed and includes two example patterns for one stitch pattern (a crescent and a cornucopia shawl).

Download Shaping Lace: Table of Contents (PDF)

Download your copy