Improve Your Knitting Skills in 30 Days

There’s some phrases I hear very often when chatting with fellow knitters. One of the most prominent is “I really think this is too difficult for me”. “This” refers to lots of different knitting techniques, depending on whom you are asking: short rows, knitting with different colours, cables, you name it. Let’s talk about improving your knitting skills, and let’s get started today!

After having answered the very same questions about a hundred times (some even more), I think it’s time to create a blog series about knitting techniques which provides answers to the most frequent questions about knitting techniques: Improve Your Knitting Skills in 30 Days.

The series starts Jan 14th, 2018 and covers one knitting technique a day.

Improving Your Knitting Skills: Table of Contents

  1. So You Are Sick of Knitting Scarves? Leaving Your Knitting Comfort Zone (this post)
  2. Cast On Methods
  3. Binding Off
  4. Oh That Gauge: The Mathematics of Knitting
  5. Charts And Knitting Symbols
  6. Knotty vs. Clean Selvage Stitch Edges
  7. Working in Rows: Knit and Purl Gauge
  8. Cabling Without a Cable Needle
  9. Knitting Lace (I): Increases and decreases – when to use which one?
  10. Knitting Lace (II): Reading Charts
  11. Knitting Lace (III): Which Row am I? Reading Your Knitting
  12. How to Knit Short Rows
  13. Are You On a Yarn Diet?
  14. More Time for Knitting
  15. Knitting Sock Heels – Which One is the One For You?
  16. Stitch Patterns
  17. Edgings (I): The Basics
  18. Edgings (II): Knitting Around The Corner
  19. Finishing (I): Seams – Kitchener & Mattress Stitch (Feb 19)
  20. Finishing (II): Weaving in Your Ends
  21. Finishing (III): Blocking
  22. Buttonholes (Feb 18)
  23. Color (I): Even Tension in Fair Isle Knitting (Mar 20)
  24. Color (II): Steeking (Mar 22)
  25. Metal vs. Bamboo vs. Carbon Knitting Needles (Feb 20)
  26. The Knitter’s Survival Kit: Needle Cases & Notion Boxes (Feb 21)
  27. Attached I-Cords (Feb 24)
  28. Braids (Feb 27)
  29. Knitting Blogs (Mar 2)
  30. Knitting on YouTube & Social Networks for Knitters (Mar 4)

So You Are Tired of Knitting Garter Stitch Scarves?

There’s nothing wrong with knitting garter stitch scarves. Nothing at all. but do you really want to be stuck in knitting those over and over again? I guess not. It’s time for something new: improve your knitting skills!

Leaving your knitting comfort zone might sound a bit scary at the beginning but it’s really worth it. You’ll be mastering more difficult knitting techniques in no time, promise! Knitting is not rocket science.

Tomorrow we start our journey towards improving your knitting skills in 30 days with a post on cast on methods. Stay tuned!

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