Top 10 Places To Hide Your Stash From Your Husband When Being On A Yarn Diet

So you’re broke and cannot afford to buy more yarn? Seems like being on a yarn diet might be a good idea, actually. Don’t read on!

But what if it’s not about being able to afford more yarn? What if it’s just your husband complaining on the size of your stash?

When it comes to yarn, husbands just don’t get it. We love yarn. We fondle it. We hoard it. Sometimes, we even knit some of it. And the growth rate of our stash’s size is not just directly proportional to the time elapsed since we started knitting – it more seems like exponential growth.

Nobody likes complaining husbands. We want to keep our loved ones happy, don’t we? But we need to feed our addiction, too. The simple solution:

Hide your stash.

But how? Over all these years, I’ve seen a lot of ways people use to hide the size of their yarn stash from their partners. People tend to get really creative when it comes to hiding things and yarn definitely is no exception. This is my personal top ten of places to hide the size of your stash.

#1: Under Your Bed.

The most prominent visitor under my bed is dust, not my husband.

#2: The Bathroom.

Under the stash of toilet paper rolls there’s always room for an additional skein or two.

#3: Kitchen Counters.

Does your husband cook? Mine doesn’t so he never looks between all the pots and frying pans. Put yarn in pot, cover with a lid, done. (This yarn diet really sucks!)

#4: The Freezer.

Mask yarn by putting it in empty frozen peas packaging. Works well with all other plastic vegetable packaging, too. Bonus: no moths survive the yarn’s hibernation.

 #5: Pillows.

Got some throw pillows? Take out their stuffing, put in yarn.

#6: Your Closet

There’s always room between your dresses, skirts and pants.

#7: Shoe Boxes

Put yarn in shoe boxes. Men know we love to collect shoes and it doesn’t appear as weird to them as collecting yarn.

#8: The Attic.

Is your attic full of things stored away in boxes like mine? Put another box in there and pretend it’s always been there.

#9: The Cellar.

See #8.

#10: Your Car.

My husband would never suspect me to hide yarn in the trunk of my car. He barely ever drives my car anyway, not to speak of looking into the trunk. Definitely a good place for hiding your stash.
PS: I’ve seen people on a a yarn diet hiding yarn in their children’s rooms, office desks, fake flower pots, under sofas and in pet beds.
What’s your favorite place to hide your stash? Or don’t you hide it at all? Tell me, I’d love to hear YOUR stories.
(And if you’re sick and tired of your yarn diet, head over to Mondschaf Yarns and treat yourself with some Andromeda sparkle. That’s what I do whenever I feel down.)

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Places To Hide Your Stash From Your Husband When Being On A Yarn Diet

  • Yarn diets are too low in fiber to be very healthy. 😉

  • Hide stash in the freezer – especially mohair.

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  • Ingrid Malik-Connor

    I don’t hide my stash. The first time my husband complained, I told him to suck it up. If he can collect tools, I can collect yarn.

    • I do not have a husband…but if I had 1 or 2… I would use your funny answer!

  • Sally Argrave

    Or leave your “stash”out in full view and dare him to prove his parsimony.
    Check out his wood stash/his comic collections/his craft beer selections/CD’s or whatever and then love him for his eccentricities.
    Diversion is the best defence


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