Shawl Shapes Overview 2019: The Only Shawl Design Cheatsheet You’ll Ever Need

How many shawl shapes can you possibly knit in a lifetime? We identified 22 commonly used shawl shapes and six major groups so far, from square shawls and stoles via triangles towards crescent shawls, circles, polygons, Faroese shawls and finally vortex shawls. Here’s an extensive overview of all shawl shapes 2019 including details about construction methods and varieties, and further instructions abut how to design shawls in 2019.

This article is part of Shawl Design for Everybody.

Shawl Shapes 2019

You can download the PDF version of the Shawl Shapes Overview 2019 here.

Shawl Shapes 2019: Major Shape Groups

We identified seven major shawl shape groups:

  1. Square Shawls
  2. Stoles
  3. Triangles
  4. Circles and Circle Segments
  5. Polygons, Klingons and Stars
  6. Crescent Shawls
  7. Faroese Shawls
  8. Vortex (Cornucopia), Boomerang and Swirl Shawls

Shape groups are color coded (same group, same color) in the shawl shape 2019 overview.

Shawl Shapes 2019: Individual Shapes

Each major shape group has multiple shapes as well as multiple construction methods per shape eventually. Please see Shawl Design for Everybody for details on specific shapes and their construction methods.

One thought on “Shawl Shapes Overview 2019: The Only Shawl Design Cheatsheet You’ll Ever Need

  • Alexis Campbell

    Of all the shapes you showed I have only covered 5-6 of these. Most of them were prayer shawls and lap robes. I have missed out on many things in 65 years. Of course I have knitted lots of hats and slippers (not socks) which I plan on tackling next.


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