New Pattern: Crystal Clear

I’m very happy to announce the release of the Crystal Clear shawl knitting pattern, the first new shawl from the Shawl Design in Plain English 2019 project.

Crystal Clear is an adjustable boomerang shawl featuring stockinette stitch and multiple colors. This is a written pattern, no charts are used.

Enjoy The Ride Shawl by Julia Riede

The yarn used can be easily substituted with any lace weight yarn.

Enjoy The Ride Shawl by Julia Riede

You can get the pattern on Ravelry or in the shop. Feel free to use the coupon code “2for1feb19” (without the quotes) to get one pattern for free if you purchase two or more patterns! The code is valid both on Ravelry and here in the shop.

Yours truly,

Julia <3

4 thoughts on “New Pattern: Crystal Clear

  • In this pattern, what is meant by “kfbfb” ? Does that mean doing an additional fb after the first kfb in order to turn one stitch into 5? Thanks!

    • knit into front and back of stitch, then into front and back of the same stitch again.

  • Lorna Klotz

    The Atlantic shawl…do you have a better picture of it as it’s hard to see the lace stitches l


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