Adjustable Shawls 2019

Ever tried resizing shawl patterns? Especially when only a limited supply of yarn is available, making sure you won’t run out of yarn in the middle of your shawl knitting project is crucial.

Adjustable Shawls shows you exactly how to make sure you won’t run out of yarn before finishing and how to resize existing shawl patterns – and how to create adjustable shawl knitting patterns!

I’m more than happy to announce the release of the third edition of my book Adjustable Shawls 2019 which has gone live today. (Read on for a coupon code!)

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Download Table of Contents (PDF)

Adjustable Shawls 2019

With this book you’ll learn everything about adjustable shawls: How to create them, how to make specific shawl shapes adjustable, how to turn existing shawl knitting patterns into adjustable shawl patterns and much more. Make this shawl patterns fit your needs!

Use the coupon code “adjustable2019” (without the quotes) to get 30% off until February 11, 2019

Download Table of Contents (PDF)

Get the book

The third edition (2019) of Adjustable Shawls includes five example patterns:

  • Springtime
  • Autumn in Grey
  • Milk Silk
  • Color Blocking I
  • Color Blocking II

You can get the book here in the shop or on Ravelry.

Happy knitting!

Julia <3

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