Creating Knitting Patterns, Day 10: Eliminating Errors

Welcome to Day 10 of the Complete Guide to Creating Knitting Patterns series! Today, we are going to talk about eliminating errors found during test knitting.

What Is Fine Tuning?

Fine tuning is implementing final changes into your pattern. Take all notes and suggestions you got in the process of test knitting and alter your knitting pattern accordingly.
  • Eliminate all pattern errors that have been found in the testing stage.
  • Update your charts and legend, if applicable.
  • Double check if you included all elements needed.
  • Add pictures of the finished item. (We’re going to talk about pattern photography in the next post.)
  • Create a PDF of your pattern. (We talked about tools earlier.)

Exercise: Fine Tune Your Pattern

Revise your pattern draft and implement all changes from your test knitters’ feedback. Run spell and grammar checking on your revised pattern – it should be obvious, but it’s not as experience tells us.

The next step is to take pictures of your sample. More on taking pictures can be found in part 11 of this series going live tomorrow. See you there!

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