Cell Vortex: The First Plant Anatomy Shawl Knitting Pattern

I’m very happy to announce the release of my latest shawl knitting pattern called Cell Vortex, the first knitting pattern from the Plant Anatomy project.

Cell Vortex is a vortex (cornucopia) shawl featuring easy lace patterns, suitable for beginning lace knitters which also make good, mindless TV knitting.

Cell Vortex shawl knitting pattern

A Yarn Indulgences $25 Gift Certificate Is Waiting For You

To celebrate the release of Cell Vortex, I’m giving away a free gift voucher for the online shop of Yarn Indulgences, the original source of the yarn used in this shawl.

By purchasing the Cell Vortex shawl knitting pattern – both here or on Ravelry – on or before Feb. 22, 2107, you automatically enter the contest for winning a $25 gift certificate for Yarn Indulgences.

Deborah Ogden from Yarn Indulgences provided the yarn support for the whole Plant Anatomy project (thank you so much!) and I’d really see her yarn brand getting more awareness among my fellow knitting friends out there. Make sure to check out her online shop or her Ravelry yarn page!

Happy knitting!

Julia <3

Cell Vortex shawl knitting pattern by Julia Riede

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