Enchanting Autumn: Traditional Knitting in Germany

Against a deep blue sky we notice leaves in shades of hot red, glowing orange, vibrant yellow, and earthy brown. When the colors of autumn are in full splendor, do you notice an electrifying feeling in the air? Do the colors saturating the atmosphere have an impact on your mood or outlook?

They really do for me.

Enchanted Autumn


Autumn time is knitting time. Temperature drops and it’s time to cuddle in with yarn and needles in your favorite chair near the fireplace.

A few weeks ago I visited a shop for traditional Bavarian clothing in my home town. Among of lots of sewn items I noticed a few knitted items, too.

Enchanted Autumn: Traditional German Knitting

Enchanted Autumn: Traditional German Knitting

I’m speaking at Austrian Yarn Club’s Wollnesss-Wochenende this coming weekend from October 7-9. Part of my compensation are Austrian yarns from indie designers (more on that next week). I’m planning to use for my latest project, a pattern collection featured traditional Austrian and Bavarian knitting patterns and items.

I haven’t seen much articles about traditional German and Austrian knitting around in the last years. What I’m still missing is a book about Alpine knitting. Who else could be more perfectly suited for the task of writing a book about this subject than me, the Austrian knitter living in Germany?

My master plan is to write about traditional Austrian and Bavarian knitting and design cardigan, sock and shawl patterns from these yarns.

I’ll share my experiences here on the blog next week. I’m going to try out Periscope for the first time reporting live from the Wollness Wochenende – as it’s a first time for me I hope everything will work smoothly.

Or shall I just go live using Facebook? I’m torn as I don’t have too much experience with both. What do you think?