Happy Holidays: Last Minute Knitted Shawls

“I’m way too late to start knitting gifts this year.” The one sentence I’m known of in late autumn- every single year. Like, why can’t I learn from experience and start earlier? Looks like we need last minute knitted shawls!

Get your copy (scroll down for a coupon code!)

Looks like it’s a law of nature we’re always late with holiday knitting. What we need right now are last minute knitted gifts, and it wouldn’t be me if this wouldn’t be a shawl.

Shawls take time? Well, most do. But what if you chose a no-brainer? A single skein project? A pattern which doesn’t need going shopping for yarn but uses some from your stash?

Yes. I’ll finish my holiday knitting in time this year – with Last Minute Knitted Shawls.

Last Minute Knitted Shawls Patterns

This book contains seven quick & easy shawl knitting patterns suitable for knitting from stash. Most are adjustable, mindless TV knitting, and work in variety of yarns.

Included Patterns

  • Bluegrass
  • Powder Pink
  • The Pretender
  • Waiting Room
  • Sing it Back
  • The River
  • Harajuku

Purchasing the book instead of the single patterns saves you over $21 in comparison!

For an additional 30% discount before December 24 use the coupon code “lastminute” (without the quotes) during checkout. The code is valid both in the shop and on Ravelry.

Go grab your needles and some yarn from stash and start knitting!

Happy holiday knitting,
Julia <3

Last Minute Knitted Shawls

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