What Are You Doing For Killing Time?

Have you ever been waiting? Sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for your call, on the passenger seat in a car, watching your kids play soccer, or waiting for your husband to finish watching super bowl? I have been killing time countless times, and I always took my knitting with me. You know, just to make sure I don’t get bored meanwhile.

What are you doing for killing time? I am knitting.

No matter which waiting room I’m sitting in, I’m always knitting. The simpler the project, the better – who has time to read complicated charts on the go anyway?

I don’t.

That’s why I prefer to take knitting projects with me which are easy, mindless, and portable.

I’m always knitting in the waiting room, in other words. No matter how this particular waiting room looks like – a doctors’ office, a playground, a passenger seat, my living room.

Knitting Patterns for Killing Time

You’ve heard of our project Knitting in the Waiting Room yet, haven’t you? (If not, here’s a short introduction). The idea was to provide you with knitting patterns suitable for any waiting room out there: easy, portable, and still producing awesome results.

So how is this possible?

By using three major concepts:

  • Knitting from stash,
  • Choosing suitable shawl shapes, and
  • Flexibility in resizing any of these shawl knitting patterns.

I’m going to dive deeper into each of these three topics later this week and explain how to knit from stash – also known as yarn you already own – and choosing shawl shapes accordingly as well as staying flexible in the shawl size you are knitting within the next days.

We’ll host three free videos for you within the next two weeks breaking down the nuts and bolts of shawl knitting from stash, resizing shawls and which shawl shapes are suitable for limited yarn supply. Video one will go live early next week and be available for our subscribers only, so make sure you won’t miss it!

If you’re on my mailing list you’ll receive these updates automatically – if not, you might consider to subscribe now. (Yes, it’s worth it! If not for these updates, then for our weekly Friday Freebies at least).

See you!

5 thoughts on “What Are You Doing For Killing Time?

  • Dirgni

    I never leave the house without my knitting. I knit 8 hours a day. I knit in the car while my husband is driving. I knit in the Doctor office. Waiting time is no problem.

  • Gillian Miller

    I always have socks on the go. I knit whenever I have to sit for any length of time – traveling, visiting, in waiting rooms, whatever! This keeps me and my family well supplied with good comfortable socks and keeps me from being bored. My children and grandchildren take it for granted that I knit while we visit, and take the opportunity to put in personal requests for colors and design.

  • On planes, in the car and in waiting rooms, my go-to is washcloths. They don’t take up much space and the pattern is mindless. The big plus is that I always need them and they are requested by many of my friends. “Grandma’s Favorite” is the pattern I almost always use.

  • I started knitting and crocheting again after not doing either one for several years. I knit and crochet at a low intermediate level, and would enjoy learning new stitches and techniques.

  • Knitting “on the go” is for me knitting small thing, ex. scarfs og cowls or hats for the hole family, and often in stripes or with small patterns in knit and purl.


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