Knitting For Syrian Refugees in Greece

Most of my readers are based in countries outside of the European Union, so chances are high you are, too. Hopefully I am not boring you, but I HAVE to share this.

Today, free patterns or even knitting are not my main concern. I have to share something more important.

Two weeks ago I returned from a trip to Greece and what I experienced there melt my heart. There’s no other way of putting it.

I’m living in Germany and luckily have been born in another rich west European country – Austria, another central European country just besides Germany. I never had to experience war, crisis, or anything likely threatening my family, and neither have you I hope. I never had to starve, I always had access to well funded medical care and nobody ever threatened me in a serious way. I received a very good education and am grateful for this. I had a happy, lovely, peaceful childhood and my own kids are growing up the same.

I am living in a peaceful country. I never had to question my safety or the safety of my family. You, hopefully, had never to question this either.

We take this for granted. At least, I did so far.

Within the last year, as long as the so-called “Balkan Route” via Greece, Macedonia and the Balkan states towards Austria and Germany has been left open, lots of Syrian refugees arrived here. Germany did its best to welcome them, and we are starting to integrate them as good as we can. We’re not perfect (who is, after all?) but at least all this people are safe now.

This spring, Macedonia closed this route. The European Union is happy again – at least, no more refugees are arriving we have to take care of!

About half a million of people are left in devastating conditions in Greece.

Most of them are stuck in military camps with bad or no healthcare, or even living in the streets. Babies are born in unspeakable conditions, mothers of newborns are thrown out of Greek hospitals together with their kids with no future care or into military camps where sexual harassment is omnipresent. Friends of mine, volunteer German doctors in Greece currently, told me about infected navels of newborns they cannot treat accordingly as there are is no antibiotics available for people without money. They brought medication and material from Germany but it’s just not enough to help all this people.

Greece just happens to be the first country they land in – geographically – and one country alone cannot handle this immense burden alone and politics prevents proper handling of this global issue.

You’re still with me? Thank you very much for listening so far. I told you what I saw melted my heart, and to be honest it also made me very angry.

Knitting for Syrian Refugees in Greece

I decided to help a German doctor’s organization in North Greece, the DocMobile, by providing personal and financial support. Fifty percent of all revenue generated by The Complete Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns will be donated to help this organization and the people there.

See you in Greece.

One thought on “Knitting For Syrian Refugees in Greece

  • Kathleen Martin

    This is terrible. I feel for these people and their suffering.
    Thanks for helping.


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