Knitting Through a Pandemic

Seems we’re living in interesting times, aren’t we? Maybe we can all stay home, safe and healthy and knit through a pandemic.

I hope you are all well and healthy and I’m very sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while and there have been no Friday Fridays lately.

I’m a medical student (as most of you are aware of) in Germany. Two weeks ago, all courses have been cancelled until further notice. School are closed since Monday, yesterday all public life (shops (except food supplies), bars, swimming pools, museums, libraries and many more) has been shut down. People are advised to stay at home unless they need supplies (groceries) or are working in so-called infrastructure critical jobs (nurses, doctors, police, etc).

All clinical students of my school including me have been called in and are working 24/7 to help prevent a collapse of our local health system. We assist nurses, are testing people for the Coronavirus, evaluate samples in the labs, and are working in hotlines for citizens helping to find out who needs to be tested or needs medical assistance. I am currently assisting our city’s public health department in epidemiology to help “flatten the curve” and prevent new infections as good as possible.

I can’t work on patterns or books at the moment and it doesn’t look like this is going to change until the end of April.

This lead to the following decisions:

1. More free patterns available

For those of you who have to stay home I made ten of my paid patterns available for free. You can download them from the shop and add them to your Ravelry library for free (details on how to do this can be found in the FAQ). No hurries with the download – these ten patterns will stay free until at least April 20. 

Free patterns:

  1. Pegantha Parthenon
  2. Aulacodiscus Grevilleanus
  3. Magenta Loops
  4. Crystal Clear
  5. Autumn in Grey
  6. Progress
  7. Hug Me
  8. Stashy Josephine
  9. Andrea
  10. Cathedral

New patterns might be added to this list in the near future. Please come back frequently during the next weeks for updates!

2. Friday Freebies suspended until further notice

Friday Freebies will continue after this crisis is over. Until then, please enjoy the new free patterns listed above in the shop.

3. I need your support if possible.

As I can’t work at the moment (actually I’m working a lot, just not on knitting unfortunately) I’m asking for your support please. You can help us by purchasing patterns or books (coupon code below) or by using the following link:

The coupon code is “stayhealthy” (without the quotes) for 40% off and it’s valid on both Ravelry and the shop, and for all my patterns and books as usual.


Thank you, and stay safe and healthy!

Yours truly,

Julia <3

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