Kulturelle Landpartie 2015: A Weekend In Wendland

We spent this weekend in Wendland at Kulturelle Landpartie – more or less spontaneously, and discovered that internet coverage via cell phone is quite hopeless there. Sorry for the inconvenience! The good news is we had lots of fun, visited interesting exhibitions and met lots of lovely people.

Most of our time we spent at the exhibition of Steve Moore at Seedorf.

Kulturelle Landpartie 2015

Kulturelle Landpartie 2015

He shares space in an old barn with a stork, a blackmith (Jo Fechner) …

… a painter and a lovely lady who creates weird but beautiful artwork with Barbie dolls. Like the Sleeping Beauty who met bed springs shown below.

We enjoyed Saturday evening at Seedorf listening to a boring live band in the barn…

… but as soon as the band stopped and the DJs took over we enjoyed ourselves dancing, drinking wine and chatting. (Yes, I have been dancing too. Unbelievable, as they did not play pretty punk music. Could eventually have been the red wine influence, who knows.)

Kulturelle Landpartie 2015

On Sunday, we finally managed to get out of Seedorf and stumbled upon a beautiful fine arts exhibition in a small village near Tramm – guess it was Jameln as far as I remember.

Kulturelle Landpartie 2015

Finally I found something I would have liked to buy there: the painting shown below. I really can see her pointing at my bed. The artist’s name is Mara Mattuschka – a pity I cannot afford to buy art in this price class (not to speak about my current lack of free wall space – but that’s a different story).

Kulturelle Landpartie 2015

Can’t remember the name of the artist who created the lovely paintings below, I’m sorry.

Kulturelle Landpartie 2015

Kulturelle Landpartie 2015 is open until May 25th. See you there!

EDIT: Kulturelle Landpartie 2018 takes place from May 10-21, 2018. You can find out more here:

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