Men in Shawls Book

As if men wouldn’t be wearing shawls! They do all the time, especially during cold winter months (but shhh- most of them would just call even the most precious shawl a scarf, simply because of the way they wear them).

As scarves, mostly. Let’s just be honest.

Shawls for Men

In the life of every shawl knitter there’s a husband, a best (male) friend or some other people of male gender we like or maybe just appreciate in a professional way.

Publication date: December 10th, 2017

Men in Shawls: the Sing it Back shawl knitting pattern

Usually, they don’t wear shawls very often. But they all love a cozy scarf during the cold winter months though. And browsing through shawl patter collections we soon find out that patterns specifically designed for men are rare.

There are lots of shawl knitting patterns out there labeled with “unisex”. But shawls designed for men… hello?

Realizing how few shawl patterns are available for men I decided it’s time to create a shawl pattern collection focusing on men. Men in Shawls has been born!

The Men in Shawls Pattern Collection includes eight shawl knitting patterns specifically designed for men. Not just unisex patterns – really manly men patterns. And believe me, the judge in this house deciding what’s appropriate to wear as a settled middle-aged men are high. The Fifty-odd English guy I’m living with states very clearly (“too colorful … to lacy … too pink …”) what’s a men’s shawl and what is not.

Basically, it’s very simple: Whatever he would wear while going out passed the test.

Go ahead and surprise you friends and better halves with shawl specifically for them! If you’re looking for shawl knitting patterns for men, this book is for you.

Publication date: December 10th, 2017