The Complete Guide to Crescent Shawls Book

Your crescent shawl knitting master class: the most comprehensive resource on crescent shawls available today

Release date: Dec 22, 2019

Are you dreaming about knitting crescent shawls – or even to design your own? If your answer is yes, the Complete Guide to Crescent Shawls has been written just for you!

Become a Happy Shawl Knitter With The Complete Guide to Crescent Shawls

Welcome to the Complete Guide to Crescent Shawls: learn different construction principles, how to alter size and shape and tips & tricks to knit crescent shawls and create crescent shawl patterns YOUR way!

Crescents have been very popular shawl shapes for a few years and don’t seem to lose any popularity among knitters all over the world so far. It’s definitely time for a complete guide to crescent shawls: all about construction principles, calculating size and shape, altering existing patterns, incorporating stitch patterns into crescent shawls and lots of tips & tricks to create awesome crescent shawls and patterns!

The Complete Guide to Crescent Shawls

This Book Contains …

This book contains detailed instructions for

  • Different ways to shape crescent shawls without using short rows
  • Different construction methods
  • How to introduce stitch patterns
  • How to alter size and shape of crescent shawls
  • Pattern Templates for all construction methods
  • Lots of example patterns

The download of the Table of Contents will be available shortly!