Knitting Today Takes the Yarn Love Challenge!

In the last few days lots of lovely posts with the hashtag #yarnlovechallenge kept popping up in my Instagram feed. Pictures featuring beautiful yarns, knitting projects and lots of love for yarn of all kind. I decided the Yarn Love Challenge is something I definitely need to take part this February. I hope it will motivate me to post on Instagram more, and maybe just because I love yarn.

I really love yarn. Time to show this love!

The Yarn Love Challenge

Home of the Yarn Love Challenge is Ravelry, but most of its content is published on Instagram. The schedule for February is shown below:

Yarn Love Challenge Schedule
The Yarn Love Challenge Schedule. Source: Ravelry (Yarn Love Challenge group)

Catching Up: Day #1 to #6 of the Yarn Love Challenge

Looks like I have missed a few days already, so let me catch up here on the blog first with days one to six.

Day #1: Introductions

My name is Julia, and my stash is bigger than what I could possibly knit in a lifetime. I love yarn, and I love to knit – and all related fiber arts. I sew, crochet and am getting my hands used to weaving too recently.

Besides that, I’m a traveler, medical student, mother, wife, and I love knitting in the car and on the road.

Yarn Love Challenge: Day #1, Introduction

Day #2: Close-Up

Knitting always looks good when watching it close-up. Stitches have their own magic, and their shape always makes me think of maths. (Yes, maths. Knitting is all about topology!)

Yarn Love Challenge Day #2: Close-Up

Day #3: Currently Making


Day #4: Speed

The most speed I ever achieved while knitting was during the making of my wedding shawl. The pattern is Irtfa’a by Anne Hanson, and I had four days to knit – and block – it to be ready to wear when I needed it.

Yarn Love Challenge: Speed Knitting a wedding shawl

It was ready in time.

Yarn Love Challenge: Speed Knitting a wedding shawl

Day #5: Community

I’m literally living in the middle of nowhere, so community is a luxury for me usually. Last October I had the pleasure to attend Austrian Yarn Club’s Wollness Weekend where I met old knitting friends from Austria and had the opportunity to teach classes in shawl design.

Yarn Love Challenge Day #5: Community

Day #6: Mistakes

That’s a hard one! Not because I don’t make any mistakes – in fact I make countless ones every day – but I rarely take pictures of them. I nevertheless managed to find one. Can you spot it? It’s quite obvious, though.

Yarn Love Challenge Day #6: Mistakes

Days #7 and Onward

For day 7 and beyond have a look at my Instagram account: @jriedeknits. I’m going to post a weekly roundup here on my blog, too – stay tuned!

Knitting Today takes the Yarn Love Challenge

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