Knitting Pattern Creation: Summary & Outlook

Are you a knitter dying to create your own knitting patterns but don’t have a clue where to start? Make yourself comfortable: let’s get you started on my tutorial series on how to create a knitting pattern. Feeling lost? Find the article series overview here! We finished creating our new knitting pattern. Now what? Let’s provide a knitting pattern creation summary.

You Learned How To Create a Knitting Pattern

Congratulations, you now know a lot about the process of creating knitting patterns. Your new pattern is finished and you have published it. Now what? Where to go from now?

Maybe it’s time to talk about selling and promoting your knitting patterns – the part which comes after knitting pattern creation.

Selling Your Knitting Patterns

If you were curious about how to create a knitting pattern, maybe it’s because you intend to make money from publishing patterns. Is it?

Making knitting patterns available for free is a nice thing and every designer should publish at least a few free knitting patterns. It helps people discover your work and make themselves comfortable with your designs, your style and builds up trust in you as a knitwear designer. It’s a great way to receive feedback from potential customers and fellow knitters.

After having published some patterns for free, you might consider taking money for your patterns and create knitting patterns for selling them. There’s nothing wrong with that and your very first pattern sale will be just thrilling!

We talked about pattern publishing platforms in the last post in this series already. All of the platforms mentioned yesterday allow to put a price tag on them as well as making them available for free. To define your price structure, it helps to look around for similar items and patterns and their prices,and how well they are doing. How many projects are there already? In how many queues is this pattern on Ravelry? All this helps with setting a price for your pattern.

Promoting Your Knitting Pattern Creation

How to promote your patterns and yourself as a knitwear designer is the main subject of my other site, knittingforaliving.com. Have a look there to learn how to promote your patterns after knitting pattern creation.

What Now?

First of all: congratulations! You made it that far and that’s a huge accomplishment. Creating quality knitting patterns is not easy and you have mastered your first steps into your new career as a knitwear designer.

What you need most now is practice. Go ahead and design, design, design! And publish.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post series on how to create a knitting pattern. If this series helped you in any way, make sure to let me know by leaving a comment or drop me an email. I’m always happy to receive feedback!

Happy designing,

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