The Aegean Sea Shawl Knitting Pattern

I’m very happy to announce the release of my latest shawl knitting pattern called Aegean Sea which has been published today. The Aegean Sea shawl knitting pattern has quite a history, so grab a glass of wine and hear my story.

Intentionally planned as crescent shawl with center panels, blocking told me totally off. Surprise of the month!

The Aegean Sea shawl knitting pattern is the result of an experiment to combine two mirror images of a vortex (cornucopia) shawl shape using a center panel born on a flight from Thessaloniki to Berlin earlier this month.

Before blocking, its shape looked promising and exactly like what I expected. But as soon as I laid the damp shawl out and stretched it gently into its natural shape, it looked nothing like a crescent at all. It looked exactly like a Faroese shawl.

But who cares about failed experiments if their result is even better in the end? I certainly don’t and am just very happy to have found this gem of Faroese shawl shape construction method. So …

Meet the Aegean Sea Shawl Knitting Pattern

The Aegean Sea shawl is a Faroese shaped shawl worked sideways using two mirror vortex (cornucopia) halves, joined using a cabled center panel.

Aegean Sea shawl knitting pattern by Julia Riede

The Faroese shape makes it stay on your shoulders. No need for shawl pins or tying or tucking.

Aegean Sea shawl knitting pattern by Julia Riede

You can get the pattern here in the shop at or on Ravelry.

To celebrate the pattern release you get a 30% discount on your pattern purchase – but only until next Friday (March 24).

The coupon code for your 30% discount is and valid on both Ravelry and here on Just use the code KNITAEGEAN during checkout!

Happy shawl knitting!

Julia <3

2 thoughts on “The Aegean Sea Shawl Knitting Pattern

  • The shawl is gorgeous! I like the cable Border.


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