Behind the Scenes of Yarn Indulgences

Have you ever looked at a skein of yarn and just thought “wow”? Well, it sure happened to me when I first came across the hand dyed yarns of Yarn Indulgences, a small hand dyed yarn company based in Ontario, Canada.

I met her after writing about the work of Nehemiah Grew back in 2015, when she offered me yarn support for the Plant Anatomy project. Today, I’m going to share more of her work and the first pictures of her studio with you.

Yarn Indulgences is Deborah’s labour of yarn love and has evolved into a luxury hand dyed yarn business online from its origins as a brick and mortar shop in Kitchener, Ontario.

Yarn Indulgences: behind the scenes in the studio of a hand dyed yarn company

Offering affordable luxury, quality yarn is most important to her process.

Currently Yarn Indulgences has two lines, the Indulgent line is 100% British wool, the Zed line is Made in Canada. And according to her website, an Organic line is being added soon!

The Colors of Yarn Indulgences

Asking Deborah about her color, she replies with the following sentences.

“My colors are as varied as I am.  I love creating new colors by mixing unlikely combinations and I especially enjoy working with yarn shops in making their own colorway, unique to them.”

Behind the Scenes of Yarn Indulgences

Behind the Scenes of Yarn Indulgences

Personally, she has worked in the floral industry, providing business support to florists for 20 years now.  She comes from a generation of women who taught me all about knitting, crochet, sewing, and several other crafts.

“My love of yarn is only surpassed by these women, my Mum, my Aunt, and my Nana.”

Behind the Scenes of Yarn Indulgences

The last sentence on her about page is “I hope you join me on this journey.”

Well, I sure do. Who can resist yarn this beautiful after all?

Behind the Scenes of Yarn Indulgences

Speaking for myself, I sure can’t resist! The yarn shown about is my all-time favorite, Indulgent Love. The color shown is Taffeta, I used three different colorways in three different shawls already: Powder Pink, Bluegrass and the Green Linen shawl entering testing shortly.

I’m looking forward to telling you more about the story behind Yarn Indulgences next week. See you then!

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Yarn Indulgences

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  • Barry

    I have been a fan [and customer] of Yarn Indulgences for just under a year now, and was so thrilled to be able to find someone relatively local [I am in Fergus] who dyed yarn. As a male knitter, it is sometimes very difficult to find ‘masculine’ colorways, but Deborah’s stunning creations are spot on: Antler, Barrymore, and my current obsession, Reflection [a OOAK] fit my masculine criteria perfectly. Her yarn bases are pure joy to work with, especially her Zed worsted! [MCN: merino, cashmere and nylon] Looking forward to seeing/learning more about YI.


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