How To Store Knitting Needles

Do you own as many knitting needles as I do? I have to admit I stopped counting the number of knitting needles I own years ago, but I can assure you I own a LOT of them. But how the heck do I store knitting needles in a neat, tidy way?

I own a lot of different types of knitting needles: Straight ones I found at flea markets, double point needles I bought back then when I still used to knit socks on DPNs, and a ton of circular needles in various sizes and materials.

How to store knitting needles

Years ago, during my years living in Vienna, I made myself a little case for my double point needles. I used it for storage ever since and put my crochet hooks – not that I own many – in there, too.

The only problem remaining: what to do with all the circulars? For years, I used to store them in a kind of fabric envelope. They got caught and messy and it was a pain to find the right one whenever looking for a certain needle size or length.

You get the picture.

Circular Knitting Needle Storage

That’s has been question of the day for years! Finally, this year’s Christmas present from my sister to me  answered it.  And she even made it herself! I am deeply impressed. I bow for you, Sarah Elisabeth Riede!

But see for yourself.

How to store knitting needles

How to store knitting needles

Isn’t that lovely? No more circular knitting needle chaos ever again!

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