What About Shawls For Men?

“Shawls are for women. There are no shawls for men.”

Isn’t it so? Well, that’s what I thought too until my husband stole one of my knitted shawls recently because, let me quote him, “they make great scarves”.

There’s only so much occasions in my life when you can wear a shawl as its usually meant to – with a dress, in a rather formal way, draped gloriously over your shoulders and showing off all that intricate stitch patterns. Most of the time I’m wearing my shawls like scarves anyway. So why shouldn’t men do the same?

Well, because there are much more female shawl knitting patterns than unisex ones! It’s time to change this, and Unisex Shawls is the first step towards a future of men wearing shawls and shawls for men.

Unisex Shawls - Shawls for Men

I’m thus very happy to announce the release of my latest book, Unisex Shawls. It’S all about shawls for men (and women!), contains six unisex shawl knitting patterns and will make the man in your house wearing the shawls you knit for him for sure.

Get the book

Unisex Shawls Patterns

Happy knitting! – Julia <3

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