Knitting From Stash: Garter Stitch Shawls

I’m obsessed with both garter stitch shawls and using left-over bits of yarn currently which influences my knitting projects a lot, obviously. At the moment, I’m using yarn left over from my Phoebe project to knit another garter stitch triangle shawl worked sideways.

If garter stitch shawls or scarves are the most simple thing to knit, garter stitch triangle shawls worked sideways are the second most simple knitting project. All you need to do to knit a triangle shaped garter stitch shawl worked sideways is following these simple steps.

The Most Simple Knitting Pattern for Garter Stitch Shawls

Abbreviations: k knit, p purl, wyb with yarn in back, wyf: with yarn in front, YO: yarn over, ktbl: knit through back loop, sl: slip stitch.

  • Cast on 3 stitches and purl one row.
  • Row 1: sl1 wyb, YO, k to last stitch, ktbl.
  • Row 2: sl1 wyf, k to end k to last stitch, p1.
  • Repeat rows 1 and 2 until shawl is of desired size, then bind off all stitches loosely.

Easy, isn’t it? Just give it a try!

garter stitch shawls

Clean Edges?

Just in case you wondered what the slipped stitches, the last purl on row 2 and the ktbl are for: this way of knitting the border stitches ensures a clean edge. More information can be found in my article Knitting Clean Edges.

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