New Pattern: Poteridendron Petiolatum

I’m very happy to announce the release of the Poteridendron Petiolatum shawl knitting pattern, the second shawl from the Knitting Art Forms of Nature project.

Poteridendron Petiolatum is a ring segment shawl featuring lace and stockinette stitch.

This pattern has been inspired by the illustration of the species Poteridendron Petiolatum (Slide #13: Dinobryon, No. 10) in Ernst Haeckel’s book Kunstformen der Natur.

The yarn used can be easily substituted with any lace or light fingering weight yarn.

Poteridendron Petiolatum

You can get the pattern on Ravelry or in the shop. Feel free to use the coupon code “hellojune” (without the quotes) to get 30% off all patterns and books until the end of June 2019. The code is valid both on Ravelry and here in the shop.

Yours truly,

Julia <3

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