Shawl Design Bootcamp is Open

I’m very happy to announce that my successful free online class from last autumn, Shawl Design Bootcamp, has been opened for another instance this year.

What is the Shawl Design Bootcamp?

The Shawl Design Bootcamp is a free one-week video course.

The videos will be released with a few days in between them, starting tomorrow. You will receive information on how to access the video in an email on the day the video is released.

The Shawl Design Bootcamp will help you getting started with shawl design by providing all the information you need to learn how to design a shawl. This is done by guiding you through the whole process of designing a shawl from start to finish.

Course Schedule

The course is delivered in three parts:

  • Part One: How To Start
  • Part Two: The Design Process
  • Part Three: Publishing & Selling

Part One: How To Start

Part one of the three-part video series will focus on getting you started with shawl design. Questions we’re going to cover are

  • What are the primary factors to consider in designing a shawl?
  • How to start?

In part one, I’ll show you how to start the design process, how to select yarn and needles for your shawl design project and how to decide which stitch patterns to use (including example downloads).

Part Two: The Design Process

Part two of the three-part video series will focus on the actual design process. I’ll show you how to design a shawl pattern from start to finish: yarn selection, stitch patterns to use, and how to calculate stitch count and how to outline and calculate stitch pattern modules in your new shawl pattern.

Part Three: Pattern Finalization

The third course module focuses on the actual pattern writing, how to test and finalize it, which software tools you can use and how to sell your own designs.

Any Questions?

Just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions. I’m looking forward to helping you become a shawl designer!

PS. If you’re on my list you’ll receive information about the bootcamp automatically. If not, please subscribe using the form below. Thank you!

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