Shawls for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a common thing in central Europe. As soon as the daffodils and tulips sprout out of the ground we start cleaning our houses and get ready for spring.

During my spring cleaning spree in early 2017 I discovered leftovers of protein dyes and some off-white leftover sock weight yarn in my stash. Guess what? I just had to dye some colorful, speckled yarn straight away.

Spring Cleaning sometimes results in yarn dyeing sprees.
I’m a designer not a dyer so as soon as the result was dry I started to design a new shawl, using the shaping ideas I developed earlier that year: Faroese shawls using vortex mirror images. Spring Cleaning is the result.

Spring Cleaning shawl knitting pattern by Julia Riede

The most basic and easiest Faroese shawl you can possibly knit is this one – use any yarn, any gauge, any yardage you like. Its size is completely adjustable. The Faroese shape is achieved by combining two vortex mirror images.

Spring Cleaning shawl knitting pattern by Julia Riede
This pattern is perfectly suited for showing off the beauty of hand dyed yarns without fears of running out of yarn before finishing. Just stop increasing as soon as you used up half of  the yarn available for your project!

You can download the pattern for free in the shop.

Spring Cleaning shawl knitting pattern by Julia Riede

Enjoy your shawl knitting!

Julia <3



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