Whenever Shawl Design Inspiration Hits You

The last weeks I felt stuck. All my shawl design inspiration seemed to have disappeared suddenly after creating so many patterns this year. I felt desperately for creating something but just couldn’t get into designing at all. I felt empty and out of ideas, and like I had said anything left to say or now.

I thought well, then let’s do something for my classes instead. Go and study! Browsing my music collection for background sound I came across an 80s post punk song I hadn’t been listening to in years: Fugazi, Waiting Room.

And suddenly, it was back.


I was listening to this song. This lyrics.


I am a patient boy
I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait
I’m from the waiting room
Sitting in the waiting room
Sitting in the waiting room
Sitting in the waiting room
Sitting in the waiting room (tell me why)
Because, they can’t get up…
I just had to sing it out loudly. But it wasn’t sitting in the waiting room, what I sang was knitting in the waiting room.
Try to imagine it. How many times in your life have you been stuck waiting for something? The doctor, your kids getting ready, your husband finishing watching super bowl?

Shawl Design Inspiration: Knitting in The Waiting Room

Inspiration is like a budding flower. It needs nurturing, patience, and appreciation. I sat there listening to this song and suddenly knew what I was about to create next: shawl knitting patterns suitable for any waiting room. Suitable to comfort you and make you feel productive even when you impatiently are waiting for something.

Knitting in the waiting room.

Next thing I remember was I created a mood board for the project, putting it up in my Sample Knitting Group on Facebook.

Knitting in the Waiting Room

I asked potential sample knitters to comment with their yarn selection, stating I’d design patterns based on their selection.

The rest is history. The project started, and six out of ten projects have been assigned only 24 hours after I put up the mood board.

Every pattern of the Knitting in the Waiting Room project is named after a (post) punk song. There are ten patterns in the first batch, and we even have an official Youtube playlist for the project!

  • #01 A Place Called Home
  • #02 Afraid of Heights
  • #03 Everlong
  • #04 Progress
  • #05 The Pretender
  • #06 Along The Way
  • #07 True North
  • #08 Generator
  • #09 Waiting Room
  • #10 The End

Did I mention how much I love my job? <3





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