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WIP Wednesday 2019 /01

Welcome to the first WIP Wednesday 2019! This year, I’d like to share more of my work in progress with all of you and publish details about my work in progress every other week.

The first project I’d like to share with you this year is my Autumn in Grey shawl I started to knit and design last October.

WIP Wednesday 02/2019

Every new shawl design starts with the shawl design trinity (yarn, shape, and stitch pattern). The design process of this particular shawl started with the yarn.

After Steve’s funeral last October, friends took me to Berlin so I could relax a bit and forget about everything. During these days I visited a yarn shop in Kreuzberg and came home with four skeins of Lang Yarns Merino 400 in a natural brown colour. So the yarn for our design trinity was set, now onto choosing a shape and a stitch pattern.

I wanted the shawl to be adjustable so I chose the shape which is easiest to resize and adjust: a triangle worked sideways. As stitch pattern I chose garter stitch for the first panel, and decided to have a look at the resulting texture first before making any decisions on the second panel. After finishing the garter stitch panel I decided to use an easy 8×6 lace stitch pattern and adapted it to the chosen shape (if you have no idea how, maybe readingĀ  about adjusting stitch patterns might help).

And there it is: The Autumn in Grey shawl, finished and blocked.

Autumn in Grey shawl knitting pattern

Autumn in Grey shawl knitting pattern

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