So Long 2016, and Thanks for All the Fish

It’s the time of the year where one looks back on all the success, failures, and other somehow more or less important events the last year brought us. I’m no exception.

We started 2016 in a pub near High Wycombe in England, celebrating New Year’s eve together with Steve’s family and friends. After returning to Bavaria January and February were busy with my anatomy courses and exams.

In late February, I published Sock Knitting in Plain English. March was the first month in a while I could focus more on knitting and my business, and I decided to move my website from to The main reason was that was chosen based on my name, and that I grew out of being just a designer but wanted to focus on sharing my design knowledge and experience. The new domain name was a much better fit, and so I started the transfer in April. No, I’m still not completely done and yes, I’m still working on it.

Another April project was the Complete Guide to Crescent Shawls, and the same month university started again with the beginning of summer term and the first histology courses.

May and June were busy with the Complete Guide to Creating Knitting Patterns and the Complete Guide to Lace Knitting. Yes, 2016 was the year of complete guides as it seems – it’s going to change next year, promise; but more on what’s coming in 2017 tomorrow, when it’s 2017 actually.

In summer, we went to Greece. First to see friends and work for a while – especially on my latest online courses – in Athens. Later, in August and September, we worked with local charity groups in Northern Greece supporting refugees living in the streets of Thessaloniki with medical care.

It was a busy year and a fruitful one. Although everybody complains about 2016, I actually quite liked it.

That’s it, 2016. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

3 thoughts on “So Long 2016, and Thanks for All the Fish

  • Barbara

    There were some great things in 2016 and some really awful. (The US election!) Let’s meet at the restaurant at the end of the universe and drink a New Year’s toast.

    • It would be my pleasure! 🙂

  • Angela

    Thank you so much for every free pattern and all the usefull tips!


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