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WIP Wednesday: July 27th, 2016

Last Christmas I received – besides other lovely gifts – two skeins of hand dyed lace weight Merino yarn. The yarn company is Ferner Wolle, based in Austria.

WIP Wednesday July 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday July 27, 2016

So far I only managed to wind the blue-green skein into a ball, the pink one is still in its original state.

This green beauty became the pattern prototype for Adjustable Greenie.

WIP Wednesday July 27, 2016

It started into life from three small stitches into a little triangle, increased up to a width of approximately six inches and is continued straight afterwards.

The chart is easy and makes good TV knitting – I have to admit I’ve been watching airplane catastrophe B-movies all of its knitting time so far. Yes, that’s me.

And this is the result: Adjustable Greenie.

Adjustable Greenie


What is on your needles right now? And do you think I should knit another one of these, maybe in a slightly different size, with the other skein?



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