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WIP Wednesday 2016-11-09

Winter term is in full action and at the moment – until Christmas, at least – my Wednesdays are filled with seminars on physiology and biochemistry. I really tried knitting during class but it just doesn’t work out, so I decided to dedicate this week’s fiber related actions to finishing my current spinning projects.

Work in Progress #1: The Blue-Green Merino Roving

Honestly I don’t remember if I dyed this myself, or if a fellow dyer in Vienna made it and gave it to me. It’s been in my fiber stash for a while.

Knitting with hand spun yarns

So far I managed to spin about half of my four ounces. the image below shows the yarn before blocking.

Knitting with hand spun yarns

Work in Progress #2: Loop Platinum Print Bamboo

This bamboo roving in black, gray and white made by Loop! and called Platinum Print has been sleeping in my stash for a long time. A really, really long time – like six years, or even seven.

Loop Platinum Print Bamboo

It’s too dark already to take proper pictures, but I just – like minutes ago actually – finished spinning this gorgeous fiber and it turned out beautifully. I’ll add more pictures of the finalized yarn tomorrow, prepare for some serious awesomeness!

What’s on your needles (or spindles) right now?

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