Creating Knitting Patterns, Day 12: Knitting Pattern Templates

Welcome to Day 12 of the Complete Guide to Creating Knitting Patterns series! Today, we are going to talk about knitting pattern templates. Why are they important, what are they good for and where can you find templates to start with?

Why Use Knitting Pattern Templates?

If you intend to publish more than just a single knitting pattern you should consider creating your own knitting pattern templates. You and your customers will benefit from it for the following reasons:
  • It helps with branding: using knitting pattern templates creates a consistent look & feel in your pattern library.
  • Reusing proven templates makes your patterns less prone to errors and prevents missing elements in your patterns.

You can use the knitting pattern templates provided below as a guide. Feel free to adapt them to your needs!

Free Knitting Pattern Templates For You

Feel free to use my free knitting pattern templates as a basis for your own! Download them below as PDF, MS Word or Adobe InDesign format.

Knitting Pattern Template (PDF)

Knitting Pattern Template (DOCX)

Knitting Pattern Template (INDD)

Exercise: Create Your Own Knitting Pattern Template

Go and create your own knitting pattern template now! Post your knitting pattern template on my Facebook page (have you like it yet?) to get feedback from fellow knitters!

2 thoughts on “Creating Knitting Patterns, Day 12: Knitting Pattern Templates

  • This is GREAT! Very detailed! Thanks for sharing for free… You are WONDERFUL!

  • LibraryGirl54

    Thanks so much for sharing the great .docx template. I am creating a pattern for a charity project and your template was exactly what I needed.


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