365 Days of Shawl Knitting

Early last year – in March as far as I remember – I published an online survey asking which questions were the most prominent ones among my readers. Originally, I planned to publish an article summarizing the most common questions but the sheer number of questions asked made me rethink and start writing what you are reading now: 365 Days of Shawl Knitting.

365 Days of Shawl Knitting, What’s That?

Over the next 365 days – the whole year of 2017, to be precise – I’m going to answer one of my readers’ questions about shawl knitting. Some answers will be short and only require a few sentences, others need so much explanation and images and schematics it’s better to make a video instead.

So you can expect a broad variety of media, questions, subjects and hopefully all our questions about shawl knitting will be answered!

Every day starting tomorrow in January 2nd 2017, another article will be up and linked here in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions were about maths, calculations, blocking and how to alter size and shape of shawls.

“How to figure stitch counts for different shawl shapes and modified versions of the shapes?” and “How to insert stitch patterns into different shapes of shawls?” are prominent examples and keep appearing in more or less similar words.

Another cluster are questions around how to start a shawl and especially how to knit garter stitch bands and related techniques. Binding off, casting on and how to knit borders and edgings came up a lot, too.

We will talk about adjustable shawls and how to alter shape and size as well as how to create and adjust stitch patterns. Actually, that’s what we are going to start with: Charts!

January: Basic Techniques

Week #1

How to choose yarn for your next lace knitting project

Knitting Techniques: Casting On

Knitting Techniques: Binding Off

Week #2

Choosing Yarn for Your Knitting Patterns

Working With Charts

Knitting Basics: What is Knitting Gauge?

Week #3

Basic Techniques: Knitting Clean Edges

Knit vs. Purl Gauge

Increases and Decreases – When to Use Which One?

Week #4

Which Row Am I? Reading Your Knitting

Where to Find Stitch Patterns

More Time for Knitting

February: Shapes

Week #1

Shawl Shapes: An Extensive Overview

The Geometry of Shawl Shapes

Finding Your Favorite Shape

Week #2

Square Shawls Inside Out

Square Shawls Hem to Hem

Working Square Shawls Diagonally

Week #3

Adjustable Square Shawls

How to Knit and Design Rectangle Shawls (Stoles)

Borders and Edgings for Square Shawls and Stoles

Week #4

How to Knit Triangle Shawls: Triangle Shawl Design

How To Knit Garter Tapes

March: More Shawl Shapes

Week #1

Rhomboids and Stoles With Triangle Ends

Circular Shawl Design (Circles, Annular & Ring Shawls)

Circle Segment Shawls

Week #2

Crescent Shawl Basics

Short Row Crescent Shawls

Short Row Calculations Made Easy

Week #3

Week #4


365 Days of Shawl Knitting - Daily Tips & Tricks

Do you have any questions about shawl knitting or design we need to cover in or 365 days of shawl knitting? Make sure to let me know by leaving a comment below! Until then … happy knitting! – Julia

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  • Carol

    Hope all getting better…creativity takes energy, and as much as you have created a great following due to this gift, pls know, I am sure, All of us out here want you to put all that great creativity back into your own care and healing for now! You come first and we all wish you a return to safe healthy relaxed times!

    • Julia

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  • Have you seen Embroidered Nature 2017 Wall Calendar Calendar by Meredith Woolnough (Author)? It might also provide inspiration.

    • Julia

      No, not yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Elaine

    Greetings and salutations,
    Standing by (well, not really, but periodically checking, for sure), eagerly awaiting further education in shawl design from wickedly clever you! Hope all is well, and you aren’t buried under a snowbank somewhere.
    Best regards!

    • Julia

      Thank you! No, not a snow bank – hospital. But now I’m back 🙂

  • Yvette

    Hi Julia,
    I hope everything is OK with you and your family. Miss your articles shawl design.

  • Fatima

    Thank you for all the beautiful things . I am fond of knitting . I have some new ideas from your website .


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